Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's ' The Veldt '

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Loredona Lazzara Engish 102 July 7, 2015 Dehumanizing Society Technology can be a beautiful thing, which is very convenient when connecting with others. It may even leave our mind with some peace. Most of the time it is what keeps us in touch and strengthens our relationships with old friends, family members and co- workers. Technology today can provide opportunities for students all over the world to receive an education online, while still maintaining work and family schedules. Students are able to obtain a degree online just as any student on campus may, with just a click of button on a screen. How would we feel if our personal technology devices were taken away? Many of us may feel like a part of us is missing but, in reality we’ve been taken away from interpersonal communication and interactions. Not only is technology hurting our younger children in society but, many of our adults too. In Ray Bradbury’s story, “The Veldt” he describes how the more technology you have the more dissatisfied you become. Society has come to show us how technology is slowly dehumanizing our world. In our world today, technology has become more and more advanced and it seems to take control over our lives. In the poem, “The Veldt” the theme had been set on how technology had make life somewhat easier. Technology had made life so easy “that it wasn’t even living anymore,” the father, George states in the story. Much of the technology in the Veldt had ruined the life that existed before

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