Analysis Of Rex Walls

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4. Rex Walls, just like his wife, was totally unfit to be a parent. Over and over again he failed to provide for the family and instead caused physical and emotional pain. He was always coming home drunk, and one night he even forced his daughter to distract a man and then go up into his room with him. Jeannette barely made it out of the man’s room without being raped. Afterwards when telling her dad what happened he said to her, “I’m sure he just pawed you some … I knew you could handle yourself” (Walls 213). Any father who thinks it is acceptable for his own child to be sexually assaulted, should not have any children. Along with that he was always doing things, what he called, “Rex Walls style,” which is just another term for illegally. Jeannette had been in the hospital for six weeks and without knowing if she was recovered, her dad broke her out of the hospital. It says, “A nurse yelled at us to stop, but dad broke into a run. He pushed open an emergency-exit door and sprinted down the stairs and out into the street” (Walls 14). He didn’t care whether or not his own daughter was fully recovered or not. He just wanted to sneak her out of the hospital so he wouldn’t have to pay the bill. I find these actions irresponsible and repulsive. One thing that I do find admirable about him is that he was very smart and creative. He tried to make a machine to separate rock from gold, and he even designed a whole house made entirely of glass. The problem is that he was always too
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