Analysis Of ' Ring Around The Rosie '

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My mom used to sing “Ring Around the Rosie” to me and my siblings. Although the memory is vague I can remember the fun we had singing the nursery rhythm. We would hold hands and form a circle, swaying to the words. We would first start out slow and increase our speed so when we got to the last verse we would fall down with some of us on top of each other. I chose this because of the fond memories in my childhood and the fun we all had. Another reason I chose this is because it reminds me of my childhood and growing up with my siblings. The origin of this nursery rhyme can have a variety of different meanings throughout the world.
This nursery rhyme can have a lot of different meanings between different people. “Ring Around the Rosie", is a fun interactive game that kids hold hands with each other and form a circle. The kids all say Ashes, Ashes and they all fall down. This is the kid’s favorite part of the song because they get to fall down while having fun. This nursery rhyme is a fun way to have kids play with each other and have a wonderful time doing it. Another meaning of this nursery rhyme could be associated with the Black Death. This is because whenever the children sing the song and they say “all fall down” that could mean the death of another person. Another reason this could signify the Black Death is that when it said “ashes” it means that person has died and is cremated after they die from the bubonic plague. To explain this further, it is saying that this

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