Analysis Of Rivers And Tides By Andy Goldsworthy

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Function of Art Art seems to be the life force driving Andy Goldsworthy. In “Rivers and Tides”, he begins, “Art to me is a form of nourishment. I need the land, I need it”. After viewing Rivers and Tides, I can see why this is the case for him. Goldsworthy has a passion for art and the elements. He travels to various places in the world and utilizes his imagination and natural elements to create extraordinary works of art! Some of the natural materials he makes use of are leaves, sticks, icicles, rocks, and stones to name a few. Goldsworthy creates time limits for completing the art projects based on factors of nature such as, snow, the tide, sunlight, sunrise, sunset, weather, wind, movement, etc. What I found most intriguing about his art other than the use of natural elements is that they are not designed to last. He takes natures creations, in turn creates art, and then allows nature to take his art. Goldsworthy determines the location which in the films I viewed always relate to rivers and tides or other bodies of water. Once he has determined the location he puts his imagination and creative skills to work against time. Upon completion of his work it appears that what he enjoys most is gifting his work to nature. For example after completing a stone work, Goldsworthy waited for the tide to cover the work.…show more content…
Eventually rap became my life and I was often spotted walking, writing and rapping. I met and began to socialize with others who possessed the same passion and began recording my raps. I later developed a friendship with Kendal Gordy (now known as a member of the group LMFAO) and worked with him on a few projects because he liked my accent and my voice. From then on for several years the art of rap was my driving force and main function in my
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