Analysis Of Romans 7

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Romans 7:1-4 in order that we might bear fruit to God (script)

Today, we want to continue to look at Romans chapter 7. Romans 6 and 7 are talking about sanctification. After we were justified, we are on the way of sanctification. After I received Jesus, I became a Christian, how should I live my life? What will happen during this process? Apostle Paul is constantly talking about this in chapter 6 and chapter 7. In Chapter 6 he used the metaphor of baptism to explain that we are dead to sin and alive in Christ. Just like we are buried and raised from the death, we may live a new life rather than be bound by the past. In Chapter 7, Paul used the metaphor of marriage to explain that we are not bound by the past relationships. We need to be clear …show more content…

And he says, if the husband dies, the wife will be freed from their relationship from their law of marriage. So she can marry another man. What does this mean? Because of this comparison, many people criticized Paul about what he means, because he said the husband died, and the woman will marry another man, does he say the law died? Maybe he is really trying to abolish the law?because he said, the husband died and the wife could marry another man. We need to truly understand what he really tries to say here. Actually the law did not die, can the law die? It was given by God through Moses on the Mountain. What is the law exactly? It is the ten commandments. It is preciously given and this is the law that give us peace and justice. The law came from God. So it never dies, you can never abolish it, but why did Paul say the husband died? it is not actually that the law died, it is you who die. You die with the law. Actually Paul says in Galatians, we just read it, you are cursed under the law. the law itself is good- law itself is not bad, it reveals God's truth, it also reveals the wisdom of God. However, this law it does not save you, that is the limit. When the law comes, it reveals our sin, through the law, we can see how sinful we are. When we study more and more of the bible, we can realize how insufficient we are. When we begin to point out the sin in one another, and we know the law is sharp, and the whole church will be full of condemnation. Because we know law so well, so we can see sin

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