Analysis Of Rossum's Universal Robots

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It is observable and evident that mankind is fascinated with making life simpler. As time progresses, mankind has made crucial breakthroughs in the field of technology. Primarily, in the introduction and use of automatons. Described in the Discovery documentary, today’s standards for robots is to teach them to function as human beings. Teaching a robot to perform functions such as grabbing a baseball bat or pouring a glass of liquid is described as teaching a toddler. It is safe to say that the further development of robotics lies in the hands of the future, but the fundamentals stem from the pages of ancient world history. The term and idea of “robots” comes from a play called Rossum’s Universal Robots. In the Science fiction play, the robots, products of R.U.R factory, revolt and murder all employees at the factory except for the architect. For what may be the earliest idea of “robots” is not what we consider to be today. The original robots in the play are described as synthetic organisms and the result of a recently discovered _____. The cause of the downfall of man was in the development of the robot’s soul. It was not until The Mechanical Man, produced a year later, that introduced a human sized mechanical machine that was controlled through a ____. Rossum’s roboti were not made from wires or mechanical parts but synthetic matter. In Rossum’s play, the robots are less robotic and more clone derivatives from humans. Although Czech author Karel Capek coined the term

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