Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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What really characterized the medieval period?is that each literary movement was influential in the creation of other texts. It was a kind of appreciation for literature in the sense that each piece of literature fed into another which means that they were connected and that there were influences between them at the time. In??Sir Gawain and The Green Knight?,?the author portrays the nature and code of chivalry as well as the humanistic features of the knights. Knights were but an extension of the king. They were not allowed to do inappropriate things as they were considered the representatives of Arthur. They were meant to treat women appropriately. Chivalry was their main feature.

Sir Gawain is a knight at the court of king Arthur, and since Arthur himself had no children; Gawain is therefore his heir; that?s why he had the strongest claim to the throne. In this poem, Gawain portrays himself very humbly. He is at the court of king Arthur when suddenly on Christmas day, while sitting down to a big feast, and into the court bashes a magical entirely huge green man, dressed in extremely rich upper class clothing and holding a big axe in his hand. He offered a deal or a game referred to in this literature as the beheading game i.e. exchanging swinging of each other?s heads. It was a kind of challenge to King?s Arthur honor and courage. Should the king be brave enough to accept and take up the challenge whatever the trick is in the…
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