Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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It’s the big day, the class must pass this final or fail. The way the class reacts will determine their collective fate. If they can persevere, they will be rewarded with a passing grade. If they give up and disregard the test because of the adversity, they will fail. In life people are always being tested. Not every test is a Scantron or true-or-false, however. The everyday temptations or hardships of life are tests on someone’s ability to persevere. In “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, Sir Gawain is tested and tried numerous times in the “games” the Green Knight lays before him. The motif of the testing “games” Sir Gawain must pass in order to succeed is symbolic of real life tests people undergo.
Initially, Sir Gawain is tested by the Green Knight in his “Christmas Game”. This game consists of trading axe blows to the bare neck a week apart. This troubles Sir Gawain when the Green Knight survives the first blow, “The fair head hit the floor of the hall…. But he never faltered or fell for that… and leaped to his steed and snatched up the reins of the bridle….” (232). This terrifying sight was the first test for Sir Gawain. How could Sir Gawain pursue the Green Knight after watching him live decapitated? This first “game” constructed by the Green Knight forced Sir Gawain to prove his loyalty to his word and his courage at the face of death. He conquered this adversity; however, when he traveled to find the Green Knight to take his turn under the blade. Sir Gawain shows a

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