Analysis Of Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte DArthur

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A knight's role in society during the middle ages is to be a sacrificial pawn to the king. During the medieval times, the knight class is under the king and lords classes; however, they were also within the nobility rank. In exchange for land and food, they are obligated to assist and support their lord and king. They must be physically and mentally prepared to forfeit their lives when they fight for and protect their lord no matter the occasion. According to the code of chivalry, they must serve their king and remain loyal always. In addition, a chevalier cannot act on their own accord if the consequences include betrayal of the king, thus they must remain selfless. All the chevaliers have their flaws; however, the other three knights …show more content…

Despite the fact that Sir Gawain and Sir Launcelot had a poor relationship, he has asked for Sir Launcelot's assistance because he understands that Sir Launcelot is the "flower of the knighthood," and an essential key to protecting his king since he is unable to complete the task himself (Malory 221). In spite of Sir Gawain exerted the efforts of writing to Sir Launcelot, Sir Launcelot never appeared on the battlefield. Although Sir Bedivere has been with King Arthur during the fight with Sir Modred, does not necessarily mean he is more chivalrous and loyal than Sir Launcelot. As instructed by King Arthur, Sir Bedivere were to take the sword "Excalibur to the shore of the lake and throw in the water" (Malory 340-1). In response to his wish, Sir Bedivere decided to deceive the king and claim that he has seen nothing when he threw the sword into the water. Lies reached the king ears twice such as seeing only "the wind upon the waves" and "the lapping of the waves" (Malory 348-354). Automatically, King Arthur knew Sir Bedivere has been dishonest with him and states, "twice you have betrayed me" (Malory 355). Sir Bedivere allowed his greed to lead him astray from the code of chivalry. Corresponding with the code of chivalry, he must live to serve the king, live to defend the crown and country and all it holds dear and obey the law of the king. He has broken all these laws by becoming a priest like the

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