Analysis Of Snowden 's ' Snowden ' Essay

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was setting out to restore the balance between the governing and the governed”, the reasoning behind his actions was in his effort to mend and rebuild the checks and balances within the government and its people, in order to free the government from corruption and unconstitutional practices without the proper consent (Snowden, 23:44). The revealing of private information to the Chinese, and later world-wide public allowed the people to decide for themselves whether they felt the government should have had unauthorized access to their private phone information. What Snowden had in mind was that the only way we can support representatives is if we know, or have an idea of what they stand for and who they are as a person, if we don’t know, our votes become ineffective (Snowden 23:57). Snowden questions the efficiency of our votes when the public is not completely aware of what our governing candidates are actually doing (Snowden, 24:17). Snowden brings this up because he believes that it is wrong and unfair for the people to not be informed of certain vital information necessary to electing candidates who represent our values. If we are not given accurate information regarding the missions of the candidates, how is it fair? How does this accurately represent our votes, and do we really have a say in what goes on behind closed doors? This goes back to the actions of the NSA and whether Snowden offered a possible solution to the issues, and the answer is yes because Snowden

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