Analysis Of Sonnets By John Keats

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The topic I am choosing for the project is sonnets, with a focus on John Keats. I think that sonnets fit into the focus of this seminar because they are a form of a lyric. Like we learned in Jackson’s “Lyric” article, “"the early modern sonnet becomes the semi-official vehicle of contemporaneous lyric, and both theory and commentary respond to it as a given.” It also talks about the Romantic period was when “the lyric became a transcendent genre by remaining an idea that could blur the differences among specific verse genres that were actually very much in use in the same period.”(7) A lyric is usually defined as a short poem that is addressed to someone and has personal meaning. (Jackson, 1) My topic fits into this seminar because a sonnet is a fourteen lined poem that can address someone and/or has personal meaning and emotion. The questions I want to pursue for my project is to go more in-depth with the form of the sonnet. I know there is the Petrarchan/Italian and Shakespearean/English forms, but I want to learn further what sets the two apart, how they’re the same, and how Keats’ sonnets fit into it. How does the sonnet fit into being lyric poetry? I want to focus a lot on that. How did the sonnet transform itself during Keats time and how was he a help to that? How have sonnets changed before Romanticism as a lyric? Since Keats comes from the Romantic period, I want to see how Romanticism influenced lyrics and sonnets as well. How does emotion play into being a sonnet

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