Analysis Of Sophocles ' Play ' Antigone '

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Throughout history, many cultures from around the world have set standards for women to follow. In ancient Greece, women had just about the same rights and freedom as slaves. A women would always live under the control of her father, husband, or any other male relative at the time. Women did not leave the household but instead they took care of it. Only wealthy women and that 's not even half the amount of the ladies that didn’t have to work and just supervised slaves. The treatment of males and females are not always equal. Equality is the matter of people treating each other equally. Gender is a range of characteristics associated with males and females. You could say that when gender and equality are put together both sexes are …show more content…

Throughout the character of Antigone, women finally get to present real life viewpoints about their character.The feminist movement has strongly been sought equality between sexes of females and males. At certain times of the play of Antigone, there are many points that an individual must analyze when considering themes. There are many distinct actions going on at once and they all blend together to form a strong story. Some of the main topics that are discussed in the play are pleasure, the struggles of individuals, the threat of tyranny and a gender battle which the most important part, dealing with the situation of women in society. Antigone wants women to have as many opportunities as men and a woman’s life should not be predetermined because of her sex. Antigone starts the play with the idea of going against men’s rule over women, and later takes her plan into action, leading to the death of Creon authority due to his inability to be flexible. For example, in the play, Antigone is used as an example to show how the roles of women were heading to change in society in a feminine perspective. A good way of saying it is like when a dictator dies, his image and popularity dies with him, but when an individual that is self sacrificing and independent dies, their legacy just begins. This statement could be true because abused subjects do not intentionally and

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