Conflict In Sophocles's Antigone

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Have you ever experienced wanting to know who someone was? Well, over the summer, two of my close guy friends were telling me many stories about a teammate and a friend of theirs. After hearing many of their stories I decided I wanted to meet their friend, who is named Mark. My friends, Daniel and Noah, told me that it was a bad idea. They explained to me he was “special” and slightly “crazy”. I doubted them and still pushed to meet him. After a while, they finally gave in. Mark and I met over text and in the beginning he seemed very nice. Although, after just a couple days of texting him I began to see that my friends were telling the truth. Mark began to become creepy and would never leave me alone and also claimed that he liked me. I…show more content…
For instance, in both Antigone and Oedipus Rex, the gods keep interfering with the citizens of Thebes lives. The gods mainly target the Royal family. In Antigone, this can be seen by the fact that the gods only appear during the war between Eteocles and Polyneices and then they stay silent for the remaining time of the play. This can be seen when the Chorus says, “Zeus hates an arrogant boasting tongue.Seeing them march here in a mighty stream,in all their clanging golden pride, he hurled his fire and struck the man, up there, on our battlements, as he began to scream aloud his victory.”. This quote shows that Zeus and the gods were angry at the brothers therefore leading them both to their deaths and allowing Creon to be king from the result of their deaths. Although, when Creon decrees that no one shall bury Polyneices, the gods show no sign of agreement or disagreement. This makes them guilty for taking part in the conflict between Creon and Antigone because it leads both of them thinking they were doing the right thing. Creon believes that since the gods had not sent any signs of disagreement that this was the fate that Polyneices deserved. While Antigone believed that the gods were still waiting for Polyneices soul to reach the underworld to be judged. This indicates that due to the gods silence, both Creon and Antigone interpreted
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