Analysis Of Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary Essay

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INTRODUCTION Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary provides a great getaway from the noise and hassle of Victoria and the campus environment. We would love to take our group to this beautiful nature sanctuary. By joining our field trip to Swan Lake, the students will experience BC’s marvelous nature. Getting the students out of classroom will most definitely brighten their minds in the midst of long semester. The field trip would only have a small cost for our students, which is one of the many upsides of the excursion. During our semester in Victoria we are not scheduled any field trips so we feel that this would benefit the class very much. This class can make our learning environment more interactive and inviting. A field trip to the nature would give a memorable learning experience outside of the PowerPoint infused classes, which a lot of students are getting too used to. Having international students bonding and learning English will give them the opportunity to learn about new cultures, which is worth to consider. On a trip to Swan Lake students would talk with more students than just the ones they usually sit with in the classroom. Networking in an international business school is one of the key elements in our future careers. These are some of the many aspects we would like to offer our class with a field trip to Swan Lake. 1.1 Benefits of a field trip Going to a field trip is a unique opportunity for students to learn something new and share social

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