Analysis Of Taxi Driver

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Written by Paul Schrader and directed by Martin Scorsese “Taxi Driver” is a movie designed around a marine veteran, Travis, who becomes a taxi driver in New York. He sets off to have a relationship like he sees all over town. However, Travis is pretty bad about forming relationships even with coworkers which spill into a relationship he tries to form and utterly fails. Besides being rejected he originally seems like he is going down the wrong path, but the sequence of events changes and he becomes a “hero”. Overall, this movie was created wonderfully and the amazing acting performance from Robert De Niro as Travis really took this film to another level. The acting on top of the music and the background of the city throughout the movie allows the viewer to feel like they are in the streets of New York with them. One of the best scenes was when Travis went on a date with Betsy after taking her to breakfast. For the date Travis decides to take her to an adult film playing at a movie theater and she even says she doesn’t like these types of movies. Travis assures her the movie is good and during the movie Betsy leaves the theater telling Travis how horrible it was. This is one of the first scenes that allow us to understand something is not exactly right with Travis. This with the inability to sleep and being a veteran leads the audience to believe he has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The fact that Travis sees nothing wrong with the movie selection is a key part to

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