Analysis Of The Absolute True Diary Of A Part Time Indian

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False Believes of Reservation Indians In the late 1400’s a navigator by the name Christopher Columbus was sent in search of a new trade route to the west indies from the motherland of Spain, but was accidentally sent off course during the excursion. As a result, him and his crew members discovered an entirely new land mass that eventually became one of the most famous discoveries of all time. Christopher Columbus and his crew had found a new land inhabited by multiple different cultures and people. And although this was thought to be a magnificent thing at the time, we soon realized that it was quite the opposite of that. After the discovery of North America, European people moved by the masses to the new land taking over and destroying …show more content…

As the story goes fourth, we follow Junior as he overcomes all the challenges and obstacles in his way, never giving up on his dream of getting out of the reservation, and proving to everyone anything you put your mind to is possible. Ever since the European takeover of North America, whites of European decent have seen and acted as superior humans to just about any other race standing before them. And because of this hierarchical believe, the Native American tribes conquered by the Europeans have been stuck with severe disadvantages as a result of many conflicts. In the “The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian” this concept is shown on a smaller scale, but none the less shown in a straight forward form. Sherman Alexie exemplifies this idea in his novel through Junior, and the many conflicts that he faces because of a believed hierarchical system. The idea of hierarchical racism is shown early in the story when Alexie gives us an idea of just how tough Juniors life is compared to the white kids his age in the surrounding towns. The Wellpinit reservation is a very poor place with run down houses, broken roads, and poor, mentioned again to just make it clear that wealth is something that does not exist inside the reservation. Much like in Sherman Alexie’s first novel “Reservation Blues” about a group of Natives living on the Spokane reservation, the Native people living on the Wellpint

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