Analysis Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream: Money doesn’t fulfill your happiness

The roaring twenties involved the rise of new technology such as the invention of new cars, which doubled people’s wealth. Also involved the rise of bootleggers, who were selling alcohol illegally. The major person behind bootlegging was Al capone who was a big time crime boss involved in the illegal act of business. F. Scott Fitzgerald writes The Great Gatsby which mainly takes place on Long Island and New York, during 1922. One of the major characters, Jay Gatsby, lived in North Dakota on a farm, to a family that was not well-to-do. He attended St. Olaf college, and year after he met Dan cody, where he got involved with bootlegging. Gatsby grew wealthy because of bootlegging, and now he lives in West Egg in a Luxurious Mansion. Gatsby was successful in gaining his wealth, but he didn’t achieve the american dream he hoped for because his money didn’t buy him happiness. Gatsby was very wealthy, but he still wasn’t happy because he wanted to be together with Daisy. Gatsby has a genuine love for Daisy and he wants her to be with him now that he is wealthy. “ He wanted nothing less of Daisy then that she could go to Tom and Say: I never loved you. After she had obliterated four years with that sentence, they could decide upon the practical measures to be take” (Fitzgerald 109). Daisy chose to be with Tom because her parents liked him more, and he was more wealthy than Gatsby was at the time. Gatsby wants to

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