Analysis Of The Article ' Child Poverty Capital Of Canada ' Article By Laurie Monsebraanten

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Toronto holds onto it 's shameful title: Child poverty capital of Canada, article written by Laurie Monsebraanten, social justice reporter was published on October 13th,2015. According to the article in 2011, $16,456 Measures for the low income of a single person and for a two parent family with two children under the age of 16 the measures of low income was $39,912. This article talks about Toronto having the highest percentage of poverty within the youth community followed by Montreal that is 25%, Winnipeg that is 24%, and Hamilton with 22% of children under 18 years of age growing up in poverty. According to the Revenue Canada tax filer data 140 neighborhoods in Canada have child poverty rates above 40%. The highest concentrations of child poverty in Toronto are in the city 's north-west and five are downtown, including Regent Park which has the highest rate at 63%. Two years ago, Sureya Ibrahim; Community engagement worker created a sewing and catering collectives program for local women in Regent Park to help women use the skills to earn money. Ibrahim has participated in a member of the hall meetings on the issue of anti-poverty efforts. She seeks more training for the youth to get jobs but it 's also challenging because their online access is limited or not assessable at all. This article also points out that the poverty rate for working adults is 24% while just 10% of Toronto seniors live in poverty, children disabilities, Single parent, indigenous, and not white
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