Analysis Of The Article ' For Soldiers With Ptsd ' A Profound Daily Struggle '

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Many soldiers can relate to developing post traumatic disorder because of war. The article “For Soldiers With PTSD, A Profound Daily Struggle” discusses the story of Dexter Pitt who was deployed to Iraq in the year 2004. Pitt was diagnosed with PTSD after a bomb injured him while in Iraq, which left him with many serious injuries that affected his physical health. Pitt shares the story of when his cousin was consistently very energetic, jumping around and bothering him after returning from war and had hit his injured arm. According to page 1 of the article, Pitt says, “I just lost it. I blacked out… picked him up and punched him in his chest as hard as I could.” He was over reacting and made the situation worse than what it should be, and …show more content…

These fighters develop aggressive behavior and several depression issues, even suicidal thoughts run through their mind. These type of problems can lead soldiers to use alcohol and drugs, as well as abusiveness towards others. According to the Headquarters, Department of the Army, “From 2001 to 2011, alcohol use associated with physical domestic violence in army families increased by 54% and with child abuse by 40% This trend may be associated with research linking increased alcohol consumption with partner aggression among veterans suffering from combat related wounds, injuries and illnesses” (1). Alcohol and drug use rates have increased rapidly, and this can result from the soldiers anger towards the pain and suffering they went through during battle. They react to everything in a different way when returning from war because they in their mind they think they are in danger, when they are not. In paragraph 4, the author says, “High risk behaviors that have resulted in elevated numbers of car crashes and drug overdoses, elevated levels of homelessness and divorce.” This example demonstrates that war leads soldiers to use more alcohol and develop the habit of using drugs. This can result in a real bad situation where these fighters partners might want a divorcement, as well as they can end up homeless on the streets because of the drug use. Sarah A.M. Ford states,

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