Analysis Of The Article ' The Constitution '

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The Constitution was written over 200 years ago with the intent to establish a guideline or laws for the government. However, over the years, and with changing times, those Bill of Rights have been challenged. With a diverse society and unique cultural makeup, the United States Constitution has been interpreted in many fashions. This has led to civil disputes of constitutional rights. A good example of this can be seen in an article I read about an Amish man who wanted to purchase a gun. However, gun laws mandate that an individual must have a photo ID to purchase a gun, and Amish do not take photos. Andrew Hertzler is an Amish man in Pennsylvania who has filed a federal lawsuit claiming his religious beliefs would be violated if took a…show more content…
I understand with strict laws on purchasing guns, and the continuing violence, no exceptions can/will be made. However, how can you tell someone that they have to choose between what rights they want violated? The Amendments are clear, and revisions should not take precedence over individual rights outlined by our forefathers. We cannot pick and choose what Amendment we want to upheld with changing times. A second article I read was about a middle school being replaced in Oceanside by a charter school. The parents of the students are arguing that the new school will be bias because of its strict requirements. The middle school is being replaced with the charter school due to a decline in enrollment. The parents fear that the transition will push the students out of the school, and force. The charter school requires a 2.0 GPA and auditions. The parents and school board claim that they will not have a fear opportunity with their education. The ACLU has intervened and calls the move “unlawful” and also lacks in providing equal education (Alford, 2015). The parents feel that this will violate the constitution and go against their rights to equal education In this particular case I feel as if the Bill of Rights has been upheld. I do not think there is anything wrong with replacing a school that will allow more opportunities to other children. Regardless if the school was replaced, it still lacked enrollment. The fact that a new charter
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