Analysis Of The Article 'The Undercover Parent'

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Jeremy Levitt

Ms. Kelley

Period 3 Honors 10 English

19 January 2015

Precis Response

Harlan Coben’s newspaper editorial, “The Undercover Parent” (16 March 2008), claims parents should monitor their child’s usage on the internet and talk to the child about it to give them trust and respect. Coben intends to reach out to the loving parents and their children about monitoring and the reasons to do so. Coben did research on the spyware program, and he found out that the program tracks every keystroke that a person does. This program helps assist parents with protecting their children from risky sites and dangers. He initiates that monitoring their teenagers is not like the government where they are secretly have an eye on everything the child does, but this is more of the loving and caring family that wants to protect him or …show more content…

Adults should know that teenagers will get around any parental blocks, and may get around the spyware program. However, parents should still monitor their teenagers to keep them safe. Children also should know the difference between the internet and keeping things private, because once they post something on social media, everybody can see the post no matter if it is private or not. Coben then goes into the chat with pornography, and he suggests that teenagers can look up pornography and they will be just fine in life. Coben then points out, that parents monitoring is the parent's responsibility because they need to become aware of what kind of drugs or situations their children have gotten themselves into. Coben initiates that parents should watch what their children do on the internet in order to protect them from the dangers of the internet, and they should let the

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