Analysis Of The Book ' 300 Spartans ' By Hanson

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In the review of “300 Spartans” by Hanson, he described the movie in an overall positive way. The reason Hanson describes the movie in a positive way is because he stresses that the movie captures the physical characteristics and morals of the battle perfectly. Hanson in his review states that the film is inspired by the comic book called “Sin City”. It is here that Hanson describes the movie in a positive way for it mimics important scenery and characteristics of human beings just like the comic book itself. For example we see characters in the movies portrayed just like comic book figures. The text states “ The Spartans fight bare-chested without armor, in the “heroic nude” manner that ancient Greek vase-painters portrayed Greek hoplites, their muscles bulging as if they were contemporary comic book action heroes.” Hanson then goes into describing the scenery of how the greeks fought in the phalanx formation as well as individuals and how Leonidas was left no choice but to let his soldiers suffer. The text states. “The Greeks fight both en masses in the phalanx and at times range beyond as solo warriors… forcing leonidas to dismiss his allies-and leaving his own 300 to the fate of dying under a sea of arrows.” Another reason Hanson describes the movie in a positive way is because the movie captures the moral of the batte. Hason states that this movie isn 't just your typical hollywood film rather that it adapts major themes loosely from the well known battle of

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