Analysis Of The Book ' Alice ' And ' A Connecticut Yankee '

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Alice in Wonderland and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur 's Court are two novels that were both written in the 19th Century. Both Mark Twain and Lewis Carroll utilize literature to express their ideas on their philosophies. In Alice in Wonderland, we have the world of Wonderland which is full of peculiar new concepts and strange animals. The concepts of the aboveground are opposite in this world. This society is filled with very peculiar things, and the novel only (works) because the protagonist is a child. However, the story would be completely different if man was to take place in this society. The only reason why Alice could carry on in this world was because there was no sense. Had there been all of the rules that are in the real world, Alice would not have been able to have the courage to take the queen down. In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur 's Court, there is an adult who is transported to the kingdom of King Arthur. Being an adult Yankee, Hank Morgan has a lot of knowledge and is influential on his society. However, if we were to place a child in the spot for Hank, the novel would have an entirely different story. The child would be lost and confused, like Alice was in Wonderland, and would have been able to survive in such a world. I believe that it would be interesting to see Hank Morgan visit Wonderland and see what his reaction would be to such an eccentric world. To successfully transport Hank to Wonderland, we would have to maintain Hank 's

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