Analysis Of Hank Morgan 's ' A Connecticut Yankee '

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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court tells the story of a Connecticut Yankee, Hank Morgan, being sent back in time to King Arthur’s Court, in 528. During the story, Hank learns much about himself and others. From his experiences, the novel as a whole tries to convey the idea that Hank has much to learn from the medieval time period and its people, even though it might not be transparent to him. During the story, Hank believes he is superior to those in King Arthur’s Court. He feels that his Yankee “can-do” attitude, capitalist beliefs, technological advances and democratic ideals put him a step above everyone in the medieval time. From his stubbornness to improve a society that does not really need improvement, Hank blinds himself from learning human values that would only be beneficial for himself and the Americans of his time. These positive aspects of life include hospitality, trust, unity, and loyalty. As a result of Hank’s efforts to change these people, he eventually destroys their society, further proving the point that his way of life is not the only way to live; as well as showing it is far from the best way to live. To begin with, Hank’s human nature and values are essentially based off of his circumstances. His time period is full of new opportunities and possibilities. These opportunities include new jobs, better technology, and new ways of thinking. These give the people a sense of optimism and a desire to want more. From this desire, people want to go…
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