Analysis Of The Book ' Alzheimer 's '

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The two characters in Barne’s novel that relate to absolute certainty are God and the Woodworm. As much as God was the main reason why Noah set out to build the act, as it is stated in the Bible, one cannot be certainly sure whether Noah was telling the truth or not. There is no way to prove that God communicated with Noah and told him to get ready. There is a chance that Noah was just like any other fortuneteller or weather forecaster and he was acting out of his own accord. If this is so, then the existence of God and all the stories told in different religions about God are just mere myths meant to give people a reason for living and a reason to be nice and kind to each other to maintain order in the world. The Woodworm also causes one…show more content…
The climax of the poem is towards the end where the poet describes the man’s house, and gives a flashback of the man’s life back when he was still young and healthy. He remembers how he used to be strong, wearing a tweed hat and the way he loved music. He remembers the walkway he built between the house and the garage. However, that was back in the day when he was still healthy and strong. With time, he had grown into a very different person, as a result of his illness. The most perplexing thing that he had to deal with at the time, was the white haired woman standing in front of him at the door welcoming him back home; seemingly his wife. III. SHORT ANSWER: “Fun” questions Question 1 If Barne’s novel is a question regarding life and the reason why there is suffering, failure and losses while people still believe in God. This novel is also a question regarding the people who manage to be successful and triumph in their endeavors in life, and how they manage to do this, as well. To answer this question, the literature uses examples of real life experiences, stories and beliefs to try and get people to understand the answers. It uses great historical events that people are familiar with, and shows that all things that happen in life happen for a reason. Life’s circumstances take different shapes, contexts, time and happens to different people,
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