Analysis Of The Book ' Buddha '

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Midterm #5 Buddhism Readings: Life of Buddha: 500 years before Jesus was even born, the man who was the most well known Buddha lived. He was protected for nearly three decades from the outside world as his father tried very hard to keep the prophecy intact and protect his son from the outside world .The King had high hopes that Siddhartha would become a great ruler as the prophecy foretold. According to the film, The Buddha, Buddha’s mother, the queen had a dream where an elephant gave her a lotus flower, then entered into her. She then told her husband about the dream and asked for the sages to interpret it and they did. The sages interpreted the dream to say that she would have a son and that he may choose one of two paths: First that he would be a great warrior and rule the kingdom with success, and the second path would be that he would be a leave the palace, cast love aside and become wandering monk. So Siddhartha’s father did what any great father would do and tried to keep him away from all pain and suffering so that he would become the great soldier foretold. For three decades his so lived a private, secluded and pampered life. Soon he began to leave the palace grounds and discovered About the time his son was born, Siddhartha was already disheartened to learn of all the suffering that accompanies life. He had begun to think about leaving the palace, his wife and try to discover the true meaning in life by living as a wandering monk. Rahula was the historical

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