Analysis Of The Book ' Carver ' Essay

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Every story you read has an author behind it now how you interpret that’s up to you, but some authors have a completely different interpretation of their writing. Some authors hide deep meaning behind their writings that can be difficult to catch. Authors will use symbolism to tell a different story. A period of their life could affect the way they write and you can see that as a reader if you pick apart the story. Raymond Carver is a great example on how a period in his life affected his writing. Carver was going down a dark path which readers can see the affects of this period in his life in his writing style. It took Carver some time to find his sense of hope again, and when he did so did his writing. Carver was known to be a great writer even according to Stephen King, "Carver was considered to be one of the most influential writing in the 20th century" (King). Also, know for being one of the most important contributors to literature. In his short stories Carver chronicled the everyday lives and problems of the working poor in the Pacific Northwest. His blue-collar characters are crushed by broken marriages, financial problems, and failed careers. This short stories mirrored Carver 's own life. Carver’s stripped down, minimalist prose style is remarkable for its honesty and power. He is credited with helping revitalize the genre of the English language short story in the late 20th century.Carver dealt with a serious case of alcoholism you can see the change in his

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