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The book opens with a squad of soldiers running a tactical control point just outside of a village called Yusufiyah. They are approached when a man Abu Muhammad had found his cousins family brutally murdered not too far off. Sgt. Tony Yribe and 3 others went to go investigate it. Although it was a terrible scene Sgt. Yribe had just assumed that it was like most other situations in Iraq in that the family was a victim of Iraqis attacking other Iraqis. The one thing that bothered him was that there was a shotgun shell and Iraqis do not normally use shotguns. From there it jumps backwards to before the deployment. It goes back to Colonel Todd Ebel taking over 2nd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division. He was tasked with taking over …show more content…

The normal hand off that takes place in these situations was incredibly abbreviated and not what the 1-502nd had expected. Upon his arrival Cpt. Goodwin split his company into 3 jobs the FOB, JSB, and QRF. First platoon was the first platoon to go to the JSB. The living standards were sub-par even for what was expected for deployed soldiers. It was the beginning of hard times for 1st platoon. As the company began to settle into their assignment attacks on the soldiers began to happen. Kunk was bearing down hard on Goodwin telling him that he wasn’t getting the job done right constantly berating him on his performance. As they began to clear the routes in the AO the casualties starting occurring. After some time had passed all the platoons had experienced many deaths and were starting to lose a lot of their platoon leadership. The mounting pressure of combat combined with the pressure coming down from LTC Kunk communication between the company and battalion level leadership began to digress. With morale lowering with every day and casualty that went by the men began to run the tactical checkpoints that they had set up ruthlessly. They weren’t treating civilian harshly and would even harass them physically. This gave them a notorious record among the Iraqi civilians. Going into December 2005 the men had begun to relax on their own standard operating procedures along the

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