Analysis Of The Book ' Exodus '

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Acts quotes and alludes to the Old Testament many different times. Exodus is the mainly alluded to in the whole book of Acts. Exodus chapter two is referred to eight different times. Exodus 2 speaks of Moses, when he was hiding in the basket in the river and tells about when he killed an Egyptian. Acts seven is basically a more in-depth telling of Exodus two. Psalms is quoted 18 times in the book of Acts. In Acts Psalm chapter sixteen is quoted three times. Chapter 16 of Psalms is talking about God always being with us in Omnipresence. Furthermore, in Psalm 2 it speaks of God’s ownership of his people, in Acts Psalm 2 is quoted twice. Isaiah is alluded to 16 times; chapter 42 three times, 53 two and chap. 6 two times as well. There …show more content…

When the men heard they were furious, then as soon as he was finished, they stoned him. Stephen spoke of men of great courage and faith, but I think Stephen is right there with them. He cried unto God, not to put the sin of killing him on their account. Then God had Stephen fall asleep before he had to go through too much pain in his death.
B. In 2-3 paragraphs, evaluate your findings in point A. What are the apostles saying by quoting the Old Testament? What is their interpretation when they use these quotations? What is their primary message? The apostles are quoting the Old Testament to show that it is still effective today in the Church age. I also found that they were showing the Jews that God is still the same God now that He was then. To show that God is omnipresent, He is always with us, omnipotent, all-powerful and Omniscience He knows everything. The apostles quoted the Old Testament in a way that you can read it as though God is the connecting string from each story to the next. They only spoke in a way to show God’s power, mercy, and grace. Peter spoke of how all these patriarchs are dead and buried in a tomb somewhere and their bodies are still there. Nevertheless, Christ died, buried, and did not remain in the grave He is living. God, who is living as well, raised Jesus, His son, up from the dead. The primary message is simply the gospel. All of the lessons from the

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