Sherman Alexie's Flight

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The novel “Flight” was a very interesting story about a young boy who seems to be lost in life and has an identity crisis which leads him down the wrong path and makes the poor decision to shoot up a bank. To have the boy come to the conclusion what he was doing was wrong Sherman Alexie sends him to different places and times to show teach him something more, almost like the Scrooge and the many ghosts he encounters in “A Christmas Carol”. I will discuss a few of his “flights” analyzing each flight and his journey from Zits to Michael through emotional encounters and tough lessons. The first flight I will discuss is Zits journey into the Indian Boy in 1876. Zits gets to experience being a young boy who has a father and meets many famous Native American figures and he gets to experience the Native American culture. For the first time he identifies with the Native American’s and wants to be fully Native American, but in this boy’s body Zits does not have a voice. I believe the boy not having a voice could represent that children, generally don’t have a voice. Zits never had much if any say in where his next home would be and he certainly didn’t choose to be left behind by his father. During his flight he also witnesses a great battle, the torturing and dismantling of human men by the Native Americans. He is then told to kill a young white boy. This flight teaches Zits that being here doesn’t solve his identity crisis and he’s beginning to realize that maybe his actions were

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