Analysis Of The Book ' He 's Just Not That Into You '

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This semester, I read a book, which called “He’s Just Not That Into You.” (Behrendt &Tuccillo, 2006) The authors are Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. The book lists some women’s letters, which are mainly about the relationship issues. Then the author analyses the reasons in some specific case and gives them the advices. This book is suitable for every woman, especially for the girl who wants to look for a perfect relationship. The author hopes that all the female readers can learn something from this book: There is no excuse and reason. Do not waste your time to the Mr. Wrong because you deserve a better man. It is worth to be patiently waiting for the true love. The basic theory of the book is that do not believe any excuse. The author…show more content…
He claims that he does not save the enough money to support the family. He told her he is under pressure, and do not want to be forced to get married. In reply, the author told her although the economic market crashed recently, many couples still manage to get married. She must figure out he more cares about her, or more concerned with his own bank accounts. As a grown man, I enjoy the author’s reply and cannot agree with her boyfriend’s behavior. As for me, I will try to give my girlfriend a wedding as good as possible. Maybe it is not the best one, but it is definitely the most precious memory for the bride. Money is not the standard to judge the marriage, and rich is not equal the happiness. All the couples need is love. The author is a man, but he writes the book in women’s perspective. He holds the belief that when a woman dating a man, her things should be the most important and nothing else matters. He analyses the various reasons and excuses, and summarizes with one conclusion: “He’s just not that into you.” It is straightforward and simply. Women are sensitive when they meet the relationship issues, especially broke up with the ex-boyfriend. In the dilemma, author’s reply brings confident and the solution. It makes women not hesitate anymore and have the correct decision. In a sense, this book saves their relationships. Zhou 3 The stereotypes still exist in the relationships with men and women. There is no doubt that these
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