Women In Sandra Cisneros Short Stories

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In this generation, some people do not take relationships seriously. Sandra Cisneros explores the message of women falling in love easily with the wrong men in the stories “One Holy Night,” “Woman hollering Creek” and “Bien Pretty.” These stories show us how women loved men who did not love them back, left and hurt them. The women from these three stories shared what love did to them and what love can do to them anyone. When women actually committed on something or someone, they will love them endlessly. Although these women did not get the love that they deserve, at least they experienced something that will teach them lessons. Perhaps the next time they will love someone, they will make sure that they will be love back. The men from these stories left the women who loved and sacrificed for them. According to the narrator of “Woman hollering Creek,” “They were too …show more content…

From the short story “Woman Hollering Creek,” the narrator emphasizes “Cleofilas thought her life would have to be like that, like a telenovela, only now the episodes got sadder and sadder…. And no happy in sight” (53). The narrator is trying to say that Cleofilas compares her life from the telenovelas that she watches. The only difference is Cleofilas’ life has more sad parts and her husband do not love him. Juan Pedro would say that he loves Cleofilas, but if he truly loves Cleofilas he would not hurt her. The narrator of “One Holy Night” said “Abuelita took me out of school when my uniform got tight around my belly and said it was shame I wouldn’t be able to graduate with the other eighth graders” (33). This means that this 8th grader girl got pregnant from Boy Baby who left her after what happened to them. This clearly indicates that Boy Baby did not love her, he just used her and her body. If he really loves her, he would not let her suffer alone and he would not run from his

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