Analysis Of The Book ' Into The Wild ' By Jon Krakauer

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Taste of Adventure Changing your life should not be to run away from your problems; but to do what is best for you. In Into the Wild (1996), Jon Krakauer writes this biographical novel in order to inform readers about a young man named Chris McCandless, who changes his name to Alexander Supertramp, and his identity. Raised in a middle class family with both parents in the suburbs located in Washington, D.C. McCandless is an idealist, intellectual young man who graduated with honors from Emory University on the 12th of May in 1990. Throughout the novel, from the Author’s Note to Chapter Five: Bullhead City, Chris McCandless pushes himself to the extremes by changing his well-income lifestyle to become a hitchhiker who believes that his life is best alone in the wilderness, unprepared. On the other hand, Walden on Wheels (2013), from Author’s Note to Chapter One: Cart Pusher, Ken Ilgunas writes a memoir of a chapter in his life in order to inform readers a true life story he went through. As a young man alternating for universities to finally graduating from Duke University with a liberal arts degree, Ilgunas struggles to pay his $32,000 student debt. From living in an apartment to living in his van to avoid further student loans, Ilgunas believes that his life is better than what he is living as and seeks off to change his life in freedom. While both novels: Into the Wild and Walden On Wheels have a main character with a common plot; their genres, structures of their

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