Analysis Of The Book ' James '

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David and James began to walk towards David’s car. David looked at James and asked,” James is there anything else you need? “James just stood there staring into space. He stood there as if the weight of the whole world was on his shoulders. David placed his hand on James shoulders and they turned and exited the park. They began the long quiet walk to David’s Ford truck. They silently got into the truck and started the long drive towards Hano. David looked at James and attempted to make small talk with him. “So how large is Hano?” James looked him with a ghostly appearance. James looked at him, “It is a farming town, if Richard is correct, and it took a direct hit with that tornado, there will not be anything left. “ As James…show more content…
“ As David was pulling out, James tried to make the phone call once again, and there was a recording that stated that, “This call can’t be completed as dialed, please check the number and try your number once again.” James yelled in frustration, “Dam it stupid phone.” David began to ease his way onto the freeway, and they began their journey. Once again James pulled out his cell phone and dialed another number, his cousin, who lives on the east side of time. James said, “Hey it’s ringing.” Finally a voice came over the end. “Hello”, it said. James said,” Shelly is that you?” There was an amount of uncomfortable silence. Finally there was a faint voice on the other end, “James is that you?” James then said, “Yes Shelly it’s me. How bad is it there? “As James listened to what she said, tears began to weld up in his eyes. Finally he said, “I see, have you heard from Grandmother and Henry?” James said,” I understood,” and hung up. David looked at James and asked, “How bad is it?” James looked at David with tears in his eyes, and said,” Its gone the entire city took a direct hit and was destroyed. “David looked at him in disbelief. They quietly sat there as David continued the drive towards the destroyed city. Every few moments they were passed by emergency vehicles heading towards the city. In the distance they could see the black clouds ahead of them, what was
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