Analysis Of The Book ' Of Mice And Men '

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Sam would always sit at the back of the classroom to avoid any teachers picking on him to read or answer a question. He found no purpose to the lessons, even the point of school; it didn’t benefit the students or earn them anything. It was just there to bore the crap out of people. Well, that’s how Sam saw it. But that one school day was not a boring one, it was one that Sam would never forget. One were life for him changed for the worst. That was the day he lost Jacob. It started normally for Sam. He sat at the back with a few other students he never talked to and never wanted to know. It was English, their teacher Miss M Conner was teaching them about an old book written back centuries. The book Of Mice and Men. From what Sam could …show more content…

The lesson that day was about scenes. One scene was about the clearing at the beginning of the book. The question was on the blackboard: How does Steinbeck present the scene at the beginning of the novel? Sam didn’t have a clue. He would’ve if he even read the scene properly. He only read it once, and that was when the whole class had to read it. Luckily for Sam being at the back was like hiding in the shadows, no one noticed him or spoke to him. But still, it didn’t stop the noise from making a home in his head, so unfortunately for him, he had to listen. Miss Conner wrote the question in white chalk on the blackboard which showed faint white lines of where older words were written, the chalk that she used to write was way too small for her and was nearing its end. “Alright class. This question shouldn’t be hard if you’ve been studying.” Sam sighed at that. “So then, can anyone tell me how Steinbeck presents this scene?” A few hands from the front shot up. Sam never wanted to know a lot of people, but who couldn’t know about the two popular lovers Elisa and Darren. The two of them were people who had the higher grades than anyone else and surprisingly, not, were a couple. Miss Conner pointed at Elisa. “Yes Elisa.” “Steinbeck is describing an inviting scene. ‘Drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green’ shows that it’s filled with bright colours. The green resembles nature which symbolises harmony and growth. He’s trying to make the reader

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