Analysis Of The Book ' Of The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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-Flashback- "Come on Madison lets go play" Nathan smiled pulling me up from the couch. I sighed and followed him outside to where the other pack kids were playing. Cameron looked over and smiled running over to Nathan and I. "You guys want to play catch with me and the guys?" Nathan grinned and nodded dragging me along. "Ok so let 's pick team captains." One of Cameron 's friends happily volunteered along with Cameron and they proceeded picking people to be on their teams. I shifted awkwardly in the back and sighed, no one would pick me. I was too small. "Madison," I looked over at Cameron and he signaled for me to go to his side. I smiled slightly and stood next to Nathan. Nathan gently squeezed my arm …show more content…

"Get up" he commanded angrily, a little Alpha tone seeping in his voice, making everyone flinch and bow their heads in submission. My body as if robotically stumbled up only to be back-handed, I whimpered and got punched in the jaw in response. His wolfs nails extended and he scratched my stomach. I whimpered in pain grabbing my stomach. I felt the warm liquid on my hand but didn 't look down, I already knew what it was. Cameron pulled back his fist punching me where his claws had scratched me causing blood to pour out of my wound. Everyone just sat there and laughed at me. I looked at the blood that fell to the floor getting a little woozy at the sight. My eyes flickered to Nathan -my brother-in fear. He looked pained for a second before joining in with the laughter. "You ok?" A voice came from beside me. It was Blake, oh thank god. I almost sighed in relief as he wiped under my eye. I didn 't even notice tears streaming down my face. I wanted to go and hug him tightly knowing I 'd be safe in his arms, but I knew that would be the wrong move in this situation. "Blake, stay out of this." Cameron growled. "No, she 's a girl Cameron and she 's never done anything to you." he angrily responded. This is so not going to be good. "I 'm your alpha, you must listen to me," he growled more animalistic this time. "You 're not my Alpha yet." Blake commented a small smirk on his lips. "You will not disrespect me!" Cameron growled

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