Analysis Of The Book ' The Bean Trees '

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Frank Wu
Ginny Deal
Level Two
Nov 15th 2014
Child Abuse
In the novel “The Bean Trees”, the Cherokee Indian child Turtle was adopted by Taylor, and Taylor kept Turtle with her for a period time. If Taylor had not adopted Turtle, Turtle would be alone. Turtle was abandoned in the park, and Turtle spoke little in the whole story, because she was abused. Turtle’s case highlights the effects of child abuse, Turtle had been physically and sexually abused. Child abuse happened anywhere and anytime. For example, neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse are some types of abuse. Especially in China, child abuse is serious, and the internet and newspapers reported about it now and then. The phenomenon of child abuse in China happens in society, family and school.
Across the world, 53,000 children die each year, 145 children are passed away every day. ("Prevention of Child Maltreatment." WHO. Web). They are killed by parents, teachers and strangers. They are killed by accident. That makes three classes in China disappear per day that makes one high school students in China passed away. That is a terrible number, and protecting children is most important. People who abuse children should be punished by laws.
The child abuse in society causes a lot of social problem, some people worried about it, they show bad consequences in Chinese society. Physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect are the three types of abuse happen in China popularly. Children become paupers, they

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