Analysis Of The Book ' The Evolution Of Grant '

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Johnny Croley
English 1102
Dr. Harrison
7 April 2015
The Evolution of Grant

As illustrated in A Lesson Before Dying, African Americans in the South went on with their lives normally, indicating that racial relations were not negatively impacted by the oppression and treatment of Black Americans. The narrations in the novel are in the context of Cajun Community as seen through the eyes of the author in the late 1940s. The main characters in the novel are Grant and Jefferson. Author Jefferson is not involved in the shoot-out, he is tried by a court and sentenced. Grant went to study in the university, and he has returned to the community, ready to teach in a local school. He is not decided whether he should live in the small community or escape to another state where he can have safety. However, he is convinced to pay Jefferson in prison so that he can narrate to him the importance of learning before he could die in the cells. This paper aims to discuss how Grant has transformed from a hopeless and pessimistic young man into an individual that is typified by relatively high levels of selflessness and compassion. Notably, the qualities of the character make him an appropriate agent of positive changes between the blacks and whites. Grant was born in the small community, specifically in the settings that he calls "quarter," he went to a local school in which he performed extremely well to join an institution of higher learning. He now teaches in the same institution…
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