Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Life has never been this difficult prior to 3017. Our Kingdom has been crumbling since the disappearance of the Gem, a magical stone that extends its powers to the protection of the Kingdom. The once tall, magnificent redwood trees protecting wildlife and hope now wither, with its discolored, curling leaves piled on the ground surrounding them. President Huckleberry, the leader of the kingdom, selected me to go on an expedition to retrieve the gem; it was my job to save the kingdom. A familiar ring fills my ears as my eyelids began to close.
“Jack!” my mother exclaimed, running to me, “Where are you? The President is here!” Wishing me goodbye, she pulled me close and planted a soft kiss on my cheek.
“Greetings, Mrs. Rooney! Good morning,
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“Oh, Jack, it’s time to go! We’ve located the path you must follow to the monster. The portal will take you to the first part of the quest once you walk into it. Good luck!”
My arm hairs rose and goosebumps appeared on my skin as I stared dumbfounded into the portal. Could I do this? I decided I could, and I ran into the portal. While running, I slipped into a dark hole and felt my eyelids becoming heavy. Is my life already over?
I opened my eyes to the sight of towering trees which kissed the sky, yet I could not hear a sound. Glancing at my surroundings, I noticed a glowing walkway on the mossy forest floor. In hopes of discovering something, I followed the path, which eventually lead to a large waterfall with rapid white waters crashing down below. I walked near the edge of the cliff and looked down. Water tumbled down from where I was standing more than 10 meters, yet the path continued past the waterfall. My heart felt like it will beat out of my body. I had to find a safe way to get down.
Glancing around, my attention turned to a fallen tree trunk with a deep cut in it situated on the ground, which I thought resembled a boat. I decided that I would use it to get down the waterfall. Carefully, I push the boat to the edge of the crumbly cliff and position myself in the cut-out portion of it. Inching my butt forward, the tree trunk begins to move until I could no longer feel the
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