Analysis Of The Book ' Who Shot Johnny '

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Writing project 1 – TEXTUAL RESPONSE WITH THREE SECONDARY SOURCES In the essay, “Who Shot Johnny, the author Debra Dickenson tells the story of how her nephew Johnny was shot and paralyzed just for waving at a car he thought he recognized. She goes on to describe what she believes is the stereotypical inner city thug who does nothing but hurt others, and how many people perceive all African Americas to be this way. “We despise and disown this anomalous loser but, for many, he is black America.” (Dickenson 319). I agree with Dickenson about the deception of stereotypes and how the characteristics of certain bad seeds in a group overshadow the positivity of the majority. In our society there are many who turn to violence and robbing people to get ahead in life, and instead of receiving punishment it seems they get a free pass. In the process, innocent people like Johnny, are hurt or even killed. Even though I agree with Dickenson, I also think she is contradicting herself by surrendering to many stereotypes herself. Imagine someone you know and love, maybe a family member or close friend, got shot and paralyzed simply for waving at a car? That’s what happened to Debra Dickenson’s nephew Johnny (317). It’s not surprising that she feels angry, especially at the person who committed this crime. Her anger is evident by the direct and personal tone Dickenson has throughout the essay. Dickenson never mentions her nephew’s attacker specifically, instead she says she already knows

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