Analysis Of The Book ' Wizard ' Vs. Savage '

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Wizard vs. Savage Spears fly past a fleeing boy, who is running for his life; wands flash bright colors for an unknown purpose. Ralph is a twelve year old boy when he is first introduced, stranded on an island with other boys of varying ages. He is also the chief elected by the other boys in their vote, and he remains the voice of reason throughout their experiences on the island. However, throughout the boys’ social, mental, physical, and emotional trials of life without adults, they had descended into complete savagery by the end of their daunting time there when they are rescued. Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy who is informed by a half-giant on his birthday that he is a wizard, whereupon he is whisked away to a school of magic called Hogwarts. At the end of his school year, he saves the powerful Sorcerer’s Stone from his nemesis, Voldemort, with his newfound friends Ron and Hermione. Harry transforms from an unsure little boy to one worthy of the scar he bears on his forehead, and becomes a trained wizard. Ralph and Harry Potter are more similar than different because they are both leaders whether it is voluntary or not and they both lost their innocence at a young age, yet they show signs of difference because Ralph is actively ambitious while Harry is not. Ralph is a voluntary leader because during the initial establishment of government, he acquires his new role as a leader seamlessly and starts his work immediately by delegating roles and planning

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