Augustus Caesar Bad Leader

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Many people would not hear the words “good leader” and “Adolf Hitler” in the same sentence. Nor would anyone usually say that Mahatma Gandhi was an aggressive leader. Both past leaders show many similar leadership qualities, but the way they broadcasted their ideologies diverges severely. Many world leaders possess the qualities of authority, but none can quite be a perfect commander. In fact, there is no such thing as a perfect leader. No commander can perfectly lead a division into battle, and no chief can perfectly manage his tribe. For every strength of a good leader, a flaw exists. There is no impeccable image of a leader. Everyone knows of Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor. There is a whole month named after him. Augustus was a great leader favored by the people and by neighboring countries. But most people don’t know that he also banished his daughter and granddaughter, that his potential heirs kept mysteriously dying, and that he was extremely egotistical. Even though he expanded his empire more than any other leader had before and reformed the entire government of Rome, he still had many pitfalls that kept him from being a perfect leader. In the book Lord of the Flies, Ralph is an example of an optimal leader. He has the…show more content…
He has great ability to think short-term problems like food but however, he is not aware of the long-term effects he causes. Jack doesn't have a good sense of morality and does things that would “benefit” the group while not thinking about the morality of his actions. Piggy and Jack are opposites in terms of personality. Piggy is the type of guy that is smart but not self-confident, where Jack is arrogant, over-confident, and nearsighted. For example in the beginning of the book when Ralph didn’t ask him about his real name. Jack is a good leader in terms of brute strength but does not have an ability to do what is really best for his
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