Analysis Of The Boys In The Boat

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Explain how the author uses details of sights and sounds to help you picture the setting in your mind as you read. The author uses many details of sights and sounds in the book, The Boys in the Boat. This book is filled with detailed descriptions. In the beginning of the story, you could feel the tension of the story. All of the boys were vying for one of the 9 seats on the boat. On page 45 it states, “ Rain pelted their bare heads and shoulders. Their oars slapped against the wind-tossed waves, spraying icy water back into their faces, stinging their eyes. Their hands grew so numb that they could never be sure they had a proper hold on their oars. They could not feel their ears or noses.” This quote makes the reader shiver and feel the …show more content…

It eats you up inside. I can’t waste my energy like that and expect to get ahead. When they left, it took everything I had in me just to survive. Now I have to stay focused. I’ve just gotta take care of things myself.” Explain what is the most exciting part of the story. The most exciting part of the story is when they win gold in the Olympics. The whole book is leading up to the Olympics and to see that the boys hard work payed off is wonderful. This part of the story is also very intense. On page 203 it states, “The boys took one last mighty stroke and hurled the boat across the line….Nobody knew who had won.” This line builds suspense for the reader. Furthermore, this makes the reader want to continue to read the story to find out what happens. Another exciting line is, “The bow of the American boat had touched the line six-tenths of a second ahead of the Italian boat and exactly a second ahead of the Germans.” This line makes the reader take a big sigh of relief. If you could give the book a different title, what would it be? Explain why. If I could give this book a different title, I would name it, Journey Across the Water. I chose this title because in this book it explains the journey of a crew team from a little town in Washington. In this book we follow the main character, Joe Rantz on his journey on this team. We see the highs and the lows of winning and being at the peak part of their season, versus the part of the crew season where they are

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