Analysis Of The Chronicle Of Education By Thomas Bartlett

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Alligators are living in the sewers of New York city, growing bigger than ever before and ready to attack an entire populous when the time is right. Anyone who believed this statement was a victim of rumor. Rumors like these aren 't just about giant animals or sewer monsters; in reality, they come in all shapes and sizes. They can be miniscule, harmless and easily stifled, or grotesque, life-crushing and out of control. A great example of this is the rumor that ruined the life of Chris Dussold. 'Chronicle of Education ' senior writer Thomas Bartlett writes all about this particular case in his essay "What Cost Chris Dussold His Dream Job?” published in the 'Chronicle ' in February of 2006. A rumor started in Mr. Dussold 's environment sent his entire life and desired career into a spiral. Upon delving into this story, the reality and brutality of rumors can be displayed; these little hearsays have much more power than the naked eye might at first perceive.

Mr. Dussold 's roller coaster of a story starts at his dream job: teaching finance at Southern Illinois University. His job was going smoothly; he even headed a small financial-management club of a few students at the school. However, sometime down the road, he heard a rumor. As any notable rumor, it spread by word of mouth. There was a story floating around about him having affairs with one of his club students, Ms. Jennifer Peyla. Of course this rumor was nothing more than that-- a rumor. There was found to be no

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