Analysis Of ' The Color Of Skin, Blood, And Species. J. K. Rowling

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Literal and Metaphorical Racial Ideologies in Harry Potter The Colour of Skin, Blood, and Species J. K. Rowling has long been lauded for her inventive implementation of underlying complexities within the Harry Potter series. Further analyzation reveals how, through magical and metaphorical racial themes, she also evaluates contemporary and historical racial ideologies outside of the wizarding world. The series perpetrates antiquated racial constructs with no hint of satire on the surface. However, she takes advantage of the readers ' willing suspension of disbelief, effectively penetrating psychological defences, in order to offer contradictory examinations explicitly encompassing race-related issues. As opposed to dealing specifically with skin colour and nationality, Rowling safely explores under the guise of magical species and blood purity. Per contra, the conversely related metaphorical and literal interpretations are complementary; the metaphorical elements create a deeper layer of insight into the Eurocentrism than a surface observation would provide. Regarding the literal and modern perception of racial prejudice, J. K. Rowling presents a universe ostensibly void of racial tension and unrestrained by "constrictive" ethnic identity (Lyubansky 2). Though multiple minorities are featured in the novels and film adaptations, race is made irrelevant and never acknowledged by the characters. The mainly neoconservative racial ideology Rowling adopts for the books assumes

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