Analysis Of ' The Color Purple ' By Alice Walker

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Israa Gouda
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An Evil Deceit

“Off with their heads!” “Touch the spinning wheel!” “Did I say anything about purple dragons?” We all recognize the quotes of Disney’s infamous female villains. In these, and all other Disney movies, there is usually a female protagonists and antagonists who reign supreme to their male counterparts. But what happens in reality? Do women have that same authority over their lives? Alice Walker sheds light on this debate in her novel The Color Purple. Celie, the main character, grows up in a predominantly, male-ruled society. Women are viewed as inferior and should are expected to obey their male superiors. From her rapist, falsely identified as her biological father, to her husband Albert, or more commonly referred to as Mr. ____, the males who surround Celie frequently dictate her life to her and assume that she does not hold the power to retaliate. Although men do not believe it to be true, women’s abilities make them as equal as their male counterparts.
Celie’s life is full of many female characters who refuse to accepted a male dominated world. Sofia, the ex-wife of Harpo before they have a falling out and separate, struggles with males who try to control her. Harpo’s father, Albert, is the biggest culprit of this injustice. He does not approve of Harpo marrying Sofia as a result of his troubled past with women. He remarks, “Pretty gal like you could put anything over him (32),” most likely being the cause of a

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