Analysis Of The Day Before Carina And Ulrich 's Wedding

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It had finally arrived, the day before Carina and Ulrich’s wedding. Carina and Joan sat before the warm hearth in Carina’s cottage, braiding hair wreaths of wildflower and ivy before preparing for a supper with friends and courtiers.
Carina wanted to enjoy these last moments with Joan, her dearest friend, and enjoy this final day in her cottage. As of tomorrow night, she’d call the castle her home, and the notion felt bittersweet. She’d loved the independence of living in this cottage on her own while her father traveled, but she also looked forward to sharing her life with Ulrich. However, since Carina’s father, Reece, was not due back to Camelot for over a year, Carina decided to rent out the home. Still, moving felt odd.
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In the end, the king insisted he wanted to at least provide use of the Council Chamber and have his kitchen staff to prepare and serve the food. The king emphasized he was forever indebted to Ulrich, and this small favor was the least he could do. Finally, after much cajoling, Carina and Ulrich agreed.
“Joan, I know you have everything under control. I’m not worried.” Carina sat back and stretched. “Instead, let’s talk about more pressing matter, such as how I should handle the marriage bed tonight.”
“Oh, again? We’ve gone over all this?”
With a slight smirk, Carina asked, “Then how will once more hurt?”
“Fine,” said Joan with an exaggerated sigh, pausing from her weaving work. “You have two choices tomorrow night – you can go slowly and get used to your new husband’s… invasion –”
Carina, unable to suppress a laugh, said, “Invasion! He’ll love that. Go on…”
“– Or, you can let him inside you all at once. But either way, there will be discomfort. I recall it stung and burned.” Joan started weaving holly again. “A lot. But just at first.”
This was the reason why Carina felt the need to hear the story of losing one’s virginity over and over again – she was nervous. While she and Ulrich had engaged in every sexual act short of penetrative sex, this final act, the one where he was inside of her, made her tense. What if it hurt so much she cried? What if she bled a lot, or didn’t bleed at all and people thought she’d been with

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