Analysis Of The Documentary ' Dear Zachary '

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After recently watching the heartbreaking documentary “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About his Father” on Netflix, this particular petition on stood out to me. In the documentary I saw on Netflix it shows how baby Zachary was let down by Canada’s inadequate justice system due to a poor, and unbelievably stupid decision made by Judge Gail Welsh. In the wake of committing a premeditated murder against young Zachary’s father, Dr. Shirley Turner was provided help on how to appeal her imprisonment, and was released shortly after by Judge Welsh. Judge Welsh’s ruling stated that because her crime wasn’t “directed at the public at large” (Kurzweil, 2015) he didn’t see the potential harm that she posed to the general public. Later that year, Dr. Turner drowned both herself, and innocent thirteen-month-old Zachary. In a like manner, I believe that Judge M. Marc Kelly’s ruling on this particular case, explained in the petition, was cruel and unsympathetic. Although these cases aren’t extremely similar to each other, I trust that the rights of young children need to be protected.

This petition created by Sarah Flores of Chicago Illinois, was created to obtain justice for a three-year-old girl whose rape case wasn’t considered an act of violence according to Judge Kelly. Bryan Scott is the man who brought awareness to the public of this substandard ruling made by Judge M. Marc on April 3rd, 2015. On December 3rd, 2014 twenty year old Kevin Jonas Rojano was convicted of
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