Analysis Of The Documentary ' The Plague '

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Kishan Desai HIST 101-001 Winter 2017 The Plague The Plague Documentary Review The documentary focused on the black plague. The plague was a deadly bacterial disease which devastated Middle Age society. The documentary showed how the disease originated, how it spread, and the effects of it on society then and after. The plague started in the east with the Mongols and moved to west through trade with the Europeans. It then spread through fleas on rats on merchant ships in Europe. The disease had beginning symptoms of just fever, chills, and high temperature like the flu today then it escalated to buboes which are large swelling colored whelps on the body. The people started to spread the plague easily because of the disease’s highly…show more content…
The video was not formatted very well which made it very hard to follow. The names of some of the scholars were cut off. The quality of twenty five percent of the documentary was horrible because of very high pixilation which made it almost unwatchable. The documentary was also hurt by the repetitive scenes it kept replaying when there was someone speaking. The documentary appealed to logic when the pope at the beginning of the film had full-fledged trust in God to make sure the plague did not affect him. The pope at the time was a higher power than kings at the time. He slowly as more people started to die started to lose trust. He started to listen to his personal surgeon and at one point was in his palace with fires all around him to protect him from the plague. He eventually would flee to his country side estate much like the rest of the nobility. They slowly tried to convince you that if even the pope is starting to question God, then imagine the people fright. The documentary appealed to emotion when it showed King Edward the Third’s daughter happy about her marriage. She was portrayed as a beautiful, happy princess set to be married and was vacationing on her way to meet your fiancée. She was the most heavily guarded woman in all of Europe. The plague killed her before she met her fiancée. The filmmakers did a good job of convincing the audience that even armies could not stop the wrath of the plague. The documentary appealed to prejudice when
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