Analysis Of The F Word By Firoozeh Dumas

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Do you take the time to try and pronounce someone's name correctly? In Firoozeh Dumas’s memoir “The ”F Word” she explains how she immigrated to America from Iran. When her family arrived she had to hurdle many obstacles just from her name. The kids in her classes would make fun of her and her family members names. This went to the extent of not getting job interviews,even with a good education. Dumas argues that she should at least get a chance. Although, she does admit that over time, people have gotten better with trying to pronouncing her name and accepting her. In the memoir Dumas talks about the challenges she faced everyday by having an unusual name. When Firoozeh Dumas was going into sixth grade, she tried to resolve this issue by …show more content…

They became Fred and Sean. This particular part uses irony because they thought it was so dumb to change her given name, but then later in life they faced challenges and changed their names to fit in. Also, it was ironic when she traded back and forth between her two names. Changing names creates irony because she changed it to Julie and then kept going back to her first name, which would make you think that if you change your name you would want to stick to it. The title is also uses irony because we think of the “F word” as a bad word. Which creates the illusion that her name was a bad word. This is why she wanted to change her name because American sought her name as a “bad word.” A part that also uses irony is their parents named their kids after “great” meanings in their cultures language, such as “ greatness” “giver” “turquoise” and “beloved” but in America they just made fun of those names. American kids would call them mean names like “farthead.” Firoozeh even said that it just seemed as though her name meant “unpronounceable.” So the irony built a picture on why you should take time to say someone's name correctly because from where they are from it can mean a lot to them. The last image that created irony was when she used the example of it is a “coincidence” that African American cannot get a cab in New york.

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